My Maybe Crazy Corona Virus Viral Internet Ideas

During the coming weeks and months, millions will be stuck at home. This is a moment in time when we can all get more from less. So, umm, yeah, here’s my weird coronavirus homebound ideas.

Book Mobile Bonanzas
Why not run small neighborhood by neighborhood style book runs with the existing bookmobiles?

Entertainment Do It Live-Streamed
What better chance artists to appreciate fans than sharing with the web while everyone’s stuck home?

Food Truck Fleets
Why not put the food trucks of the world to work and set up social distance safe dietary variety?

Gaming Online IRL
Why not play board games, roleplaying games, tabletop games, and word games by video chat?

Library Pickup Checkouts
Why not let people order books from public libraries and get it like a to-go food order?

Paywalls Going Poof
What better way to get new readers than a captive audience desperate to read?

Streaming For Free
Every major streaming service does it, why not do an extended trial for the shutdown?

Like the title said, maybe it’s crazy, but these are my ideas.