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My Maybe Crazy Corona Virus Viral Internet Ideas

During the coming weeks and months, millions will be stuck at home. This is a moment in time when we can all get more from less. So, umm, yeah, here’s my weird coronavirus homebound ideas. Book Mobile BonanzasWhy not run small neighborhood by neighborhood style book runs with the existing bookmobiles? Entertainment Do It Live-StreamedWhat […]

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What’s in a Name… Initials and Sometimes More

Some days can go from empty to full in the strangest of ways. Today that came from my wonderful Kay… Thank you for the smiles

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Family Trees Tribal Totems and Tattoo Designs

Seeking deeper meaning in a tattoo is a hard task, to find a life altering image empowering enough to emblazon your breast likened as Superman’s famous S… let alone creating an original idea as a coverup, for old not so good tattoos, without being a clone to copycat art and flash. When ink is in […]

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Turn On Tune In Dropout Becomes Turn Off Tune Out Get In

Turn On Tune In Dropout Becomes Turn Off Tune Out Get In So what has changed? Were they right in the wrong moment or wrong with good timing? Timothy Leary is the face behind the chemical catalyst to a movement that’s remains are now ‘the man’ themselves. So where did the passion for change go? […]

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Banned on Digg for no Reason and Stonewalled for Asking Why

I was a digger, now I am banned. Why you may wonder… that is what I wonder as well. The support staff at has provided no specific incident or infraction against the they have quoted as a vague and generic reason for the ban. I have been a digg user openly as myself, […]

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Real Tattoo How to Videos on Tattooists Tattooing and Tattoo Pain

A collection of four very informative videos about the reality of tattoos and tattooing. Help with how to find a tattoo that is the right tat for you. Interviews with tattooists explaining the process of tattooing and the products used for tattoos. Even a great how to guide with tips on keeping the pain of […]

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New Media Concepts Digg API / CompleteList

Digg API / CompleteList: “Alphabetical List of Endpoints” Digg API Alphabetical List of Endpoints /containers (List Containers) /container/{container short_name} (List Containers) /errors (List Errors) /error/{code} (List Errors) /galleryphotos (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphotos/comments (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphoto/{id} (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphoto/{id}/comments (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphoto/{id}/comment/{id} (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphoto/{id}/comment/{id}/replies (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphotos/{list} (List Gallery Photos) […]

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Why semantic targeting trumps keywords a video on semantic ad relevance

Why semantic targeting trumps seo keyword approaches via: iMediaConnection. Video keynote Presentation by Ad Peppers David Crystal on semantic ad relevance and intelligent contextual semantic targeting. Seo info beyond web 2.0 seo info. Opening Remarks & Keynote: “How Semantics Improve Brand Safety and Ad Relevance” Presenter: David Crystal, Linguist, Author, Linguistic Advisor to ad pepper […]

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New Media Concepts the Digg Bury Brigade & How to Fight it

New Media Concepts the Digg Bury Brigade and How to Fight it. 9 references and 1 idea. has the bury function for a real and good reason SPAM! Really, we all know it is a problem with any website in one form or another. Yet with Digg the bury feature has fast become a […]

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09 09 09 a Day Lost in Time, Septemer 09 2009

Septemer 09 2009 a Day Lost in Time 09 09 09 the screen began to cry 09 09 09 the time was rolling by 09 09 09 the well has run dry 09 09 09 a day lost to time This has been yet another nonsensical moment by MichDe

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New Media Video How to Make a Lighter Into a Laser Burner

How To Make a Lighter into a Laser Burner! Hack a cheap butane lighter and make the world’s first "flick-style" burning laser lighter! See the test results at the end A down and dirty fast and simple how to video. Great do it yourself geek gadget, the laser lighter torch. Tags: how-to, idea, laser, tech, […]

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New Media Code Use Hash Tags in URLs for SEO Video

New Media Code Use Hash Tags in URLs for SEO VideoFrom SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday Using The Hash in URL’s from Scott Willoughby SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Using The Hash from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo. Corned beef hash, hash browns, there are many great types of hash out there (don’t start, I get it).  All too […]