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My Maybe Crazy Corona Virus Viral Internet Ideas

During the coming weeks and months, millions will be stuck at home. This is a moment in time when we can all get more from less. So, umm, yeah, here’s my weird coronavirus homebound ideas. Book Mobile BonanzasWhy not run small neighborhood by neighborhood style book runs with the existing bookmobiles? Entertainment Do It Live-StreamedWhat […]

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How To Make Gumbo New Orleans Style Video

Video on How To Make New Orleans Style Gumbo Nothing says “New Orleans” like this thick soup. This recipe makes a Creole-style gumbo, using chicken or shrimp. New Media Tags: gumbo recipe video how-to new-orleans BuzzNet Tags: gumbo,recipe,video,how-to,new-orleans Tags: gumbo,recipe,video,how-to,new-orleans IceRocket Tags: gumbo,recipe,video,how-to,new-orleans Technorati Tags: gumbo,recipe,video,how-to,new-orleans

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How to Build a Real Light Saber from the Original Star Wars Movie Lightsaber Blueprints at Home

Video How to on Building a Real Lightsaber from the Original Star Wars Movie Light Saber Blueprints at Home Backyard FX: How to build a real lightsaber. Erik Beck unearths the original light saber blueprints from the special effects creator for Star Wars. And now we show you how to buy parts to a real […]

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Real Tattoo How to Videos on Tattooists Tattooing and Tattoo Pain

A collection of four very informative videos about the reality of tattoos and tattooing. Help with how to find a tattoo that is the right tat for you. Interviews with tattooists explaining the process of tattooing and the products used for tattoos. Even a great how to guide with tips on keeping the pain of […]

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New Media Video How to Make a Lighter Into a Laser Burner

How To Make a Lighter into a Laser Burner! Hack a cheap butane lighter and make the world’s first "flick-style" burning laser lighter! See the test results at the end A down and dirty fast and simple how to video. Great do it yourself geek gadget, the laser lighter torch. Tags: how-to, idea, laser, tech, […]

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Amazing tech and social buzz in less time, 7 slick tricks

What can I say, the new tech geek by nature is a technology junkie. I want more web more social sharing more information faster broader updates and all that with a bowl O’ grits. The problem is how do you get your technology fix fast enough to satisfy but solid enough to actually view it. […]

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Digg Education Series: Submitting and Commenting

Digg the Blog » Blog Archive » Digg Education Series: Submitting and Commenting:“Digg Education Series: Submitting and Commenting” SubmissionsDigg is your submissions! All of the content you see on the site has been submitted by users like you – we want to see what interests you or is important news from your perspective.When submitting a […]