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My Maybe Crazy Corona Virus Viral Internet Ideas

During the coming weeks and months, millions will be stuck at home. This is a moment in time when we can all get more from less. So, umm, yeah, here’s my weird coronavirus homebound ideas. Book Mobile BonanzasWhy not run small neighborhood by neighborhood style book runs with the existing bookmobiles? Entertainment Do It Live-StreamedWhat […]

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6 Pole Flipping Flesh Flashing Noob Stripper Fail Videos SFW

Warning: attempting your best Striptease imitation can cause nasty faceplants. Noobs please leave it to the pros and only try this at home if your camera is rolling.FAIL #1 Double Busted FAIL #2 Repetitious Redneck FAIL #3 Pop it Like its Hot FAIL #4 Suzuki Split Splat FAIL #5 Barbie‚Äôs Last Stand FAIL #6 White Trash Trailer Bash Everyone can admit […]