Digg Instant Image Instant Video 1 Click Submit Bookmarklets

Digg Instant Image and Instant Video One Click Submission Bookmarklets

Once upon a time I was a digger and I can remember the biggest pointless headache for those hard to get submissions. Digg has an extension, Digg has a bookmarklet but there is one problem with both. Neither has an option to submit images to digg or submit videos to digg. After my last StumbleUpon Greasemonkey UserScript post I happened upon another good friend and was reminded of it. So of course I whipped out my trusty code snippets and solved the problem.

Now you can submit to Digg faster without breaking the rules and save clicking time while you’re at it. Here are the digg submission tools for one and all.

1 Click Digg Image Submit

The codebase used:


bookmarklet for digg 1click image submits

To use simply drag the “bookmarklet” link above to your bookmarks bar and click to submit images from any page.

1 Click Digg Video Submit

The codebase used: 


bookmarklet for digg 1click video submits

To use simply drag the “bookmarklet” link above to your bookmarks bar and click to submit videos from any page.

Hope these are helpful. Let me know if you have any bugs in the comments, have fun.

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New Media Interviews with Mich De Lorme Social Blade Show 12 Dead Diggers Tweeting

It was me recent pleasure to be asked on ‘The Social Blade Show’ and I wanted to share it for those who may be interested or have missed it. Beyond the fact I was there, all in all a very diverse and interesting episode.

Social Blade Show Episode 12: Dead Diggers Tweeting

This week we covered a number of topics, mostly related to Digg & Twitter then we brought in two notable banned diggers. Karim Yergaliyev better known as supernova17 formally the 4th most successful digger of all time (now 6th, but banned) and Mich De Lorme aka MichDe both spoke about their digg banning stories; why they were banned, what their thoughts were on banning in general, and then about the digg bury brigade. [via The Social Blade Show]

  • The NHL’s Latest Social Media Push: A Twitter Contest [via mashable & twitter]
  • NBA Social Media Policy: No In-Game Tweeting [via mashable & espn & espn & twitter]
  • Texas Tech football coach bans players from using Twitter [via sportingnews]
  • 80% Of Twitter Users Are All About Me [via mashable and scribd]
  • Twitter Continues Talent Scoop, Takes Digg’s UX Guy JD/Victor
  • Digg Front Page Activity Sees Drastic Drop [via TechCrunch]
  • Guests (Topic: Banned Diggers and the Bury Brigade) [via SocialBlade]
    MichDe & Supernova17

Many thanks to the SocialBlade Crew: Erin Ryan, Jason / Urgo / FirstDigg, JD Rucker, Patrick Parise, Victor Barrera for having me on.

New Media Concepts the Digg Bury Brigade & How to Fight it

New Media Concepts the Digg Bury Brigade and How to Fight it. 9 references and 1 idea.

Digg.com has the bury function for a real and good reason SPAM! Really, we all know it is a problem with any website in one form or another. Yet with Digg the bury feature has fast become a weapon instead of a defense. The Digg bury brigade does exist, the Digg bury brigade is real. Now that we have the simple fact out of the way that the bury brigades are real, let’s make some sense of it shall we?

Digg works based on an algorithm and this system rates more than just a user and a story at a time. Each action cause a chain of reactions and tweaks to virtually every other user and story at once. So how do you fight against a bury mob or bury brigade as a user? Oddly this is rather simple just because of the algo itself, you Digg. Digg unlike Reddit does not have a visible karma system, but Digg does have one in effect. Your over Digg stats plus your comment stats weigh against your bury stats. This give you an algorithmic number equal to a quality score and makes you rank-able vs.. user & stories. Every bury you cast against a user has a diminishing return after a certain point and begins to negatively affect your own acct. The simple solution for a user to beat a bury attack is therefore rather simple. Digg and submit as much as you can handle.

Flooding is effective for many reasons. As the other users repeatedly bury you each bury begins to have less effect on your submissions. Each bury beyond a certain point will also decrease the attacking users ability to be successful on Digg. Wonderfully each submission you make will also dilute the entire balance on Digg and again force your problems diggers and pet troll to need even grater numbers to be successful in their own submission. So Digg hard, Digg heavy and sub like your a giant black & white bears with a big yellow sign. Because the more your a great digger the more your enemies will hurt themselves.

  • This has been an ongoing issue for some time and in all likelihood will continue. Here are nine fine examples.

Was I just censored by Digg? | The Social Web | ZDNet.com

Was I just censored by Digg?

Posted by Steve O’Hear @ 11:57 am
After the recent discussion about companies offering bribes to Diggers, I thought it would be interesting to run a poll asking if it’s time for the top users to be paid by the social news site itself. I was interested to hear the views of the wider Digg community so I ‘dugg’ the post too. Predictably the story quickly gathered momentum (Digg’s users enjoy stories about Digg), and after approximately 90 Diggs and 40 comments it had hit the front page.
Then seconds later it vanished!
(The odd thing is it still shows up in my profile as the only story I’ve submitted that has ever made it to the homepage.)
Now I know I’ve previously described Digg as a broken democracy, but I’ve never thought of it as a dictatorship. So what had just happened?

Hunting Down Digg’s Bury Brigade Wired.com

Hunting Down Digg’s Bury Brigade

David Cohn Email 03.01.07
(Editor’s note: This piece originally appeared in a different form on NewAssignment.Net, where David Cohn is the blog editor. He is also a Netscape Navigator.)
All is not well in Digg town.

Finding the Bury Brigade — The Hunt is the Most Intriguing Part | NewAssignment.Net

Finding the Bury Brigade — The Hunt is the Most Intriguing Part

by David Cohn on February 28, 2007 – 10:40am.
Not all is well in Digg-town this morning. Yesterday a bug gave one smart Digger the ability to peer into the system and extrapolate the inner workings of the community. Namely, David LeMieux found a way to highlight what users were burying and why.
In about two hours LeMieux got the data on 1,708 buries, fueling growing concern about the benefit of the bury tool in the first place. The “Bury Brigade,” where anonymous groups of users bury Digg stories they find ideologically unappealing, has become common nomenclature.
With all the secrecy around buries, LeMieux’s hacking could provide insight on what is happening inside the community. But it seems even discussions about the bury effect have been closed off.

The Real Reason Behind Digg’s Bury Brigade | bLaugh.com

The Real Reason Behind Digg’s Bury Brigade

    The Real Reason Behind Digg's Bury Brigade
    Source: Digg Caught Red-Handed
    Author: Cartoon Clipart

    Watching Digg’s ‘bury brigade’ | Technology | guardian.co.uk

    Watching Digg’s ‘bury brigade’

    Conclusive proof that certain people are gaming Digg’s front page?
    Now, I’m a fan of Digg, the social news site, and last week met up with co-founder Kevin Rose.
    Digg’s done very interesting things, and it’s style is being copied by plenty of other groups at the moment.
    But the site isn’t without its problems. One of the major ones is the ability of a small number of users to "bury" stories without accountability. Burying news is meant to help separate spam and inaccurate stories from the general morass of ordinary, viable stuff. But there’s long been the suspicion that plenty of users use it to get rid of stories about things they don’t like

    Digg’s Kevin Rose Fails To Stop The Bury Brigade SearchEngineLand.com

    Digg’s Kevin Rose Fails To Stop The Bury Brigade

    Mar 2, 2007 at 8:36am ET by Danny Sullivan
    Include Buried Stories Option At DiggAfter a week of questions about Digg’s "Bury Brigade," Digg founder Kevin Rose has come in with some public comments about the system and the "alleged" brigade. Unfortunately, they’re just comments — not solutions to protect Digg from the actual brigade I myself can see. More about that in the article below, plus how buries work and can be misused.

    Digg Bury Brigade: 28 negative McCain stories buried in 30 days | Web Scout | LATimes.com

    Digg Bury Brigade: 28 negative McCain stories buried in 30 days

    09:23 AM PT, Aug 11 2008


    A close look at campaign-oriented stories on Digg shows that, in the last 30 days, at least 28 stories critical of GOP Sen. John McCain have been mysteriously "buried" — meaning enough Digg users have voted against a story that the submission may no longer appear on the site’s high-traffic front page. 
    [In our follow up to this post, Digg CEO Jay Adelson responds to the issue.]
    Only about five Barack Obama-related stories (positive and negative) were buried in the same period.
    According to Digg’s search results, 10 of the 28 McCain stories were zapped after they had already graduated to the front page, including several that had received more than 700 diggs. 
    The other 18 (all of which had a minimum of 180 diggs by the time I counted them) stalled out in the site’s "Upcoming" section, where stories gain momentum, with the most popular entries eventually graduating to the front. 

    The Bury Brigade Exists, and Here’s My Proof pronetadvertising.com

    The Bury Brigade Exists, and Here’s My Proof

    We’ve heard about a purported ‘Bury Brigade’ on Digg time and again, with sketchy pieces of evidence here and there but no concrete proof. Until now.
    The Digg.com FAQ describes the ‘Bury Story’ feature as,
    Stories can also be removed by users with the ‘Bury Story’ feature within digg. Once a story receives enough ‘buries’ it is automatically removed from the digg Upcoming or Popular sections. The number of reports required to bury is based on a sliding scale that takes several factors into consideration (such as number of diggs, reports, time of day, topic submitted to, etc.).
    While that system is supposed to be used to remove superfluous or irrelevant content from Digg, the mechanism is often abused to remove useful and insightful content by malicious users for self-serving and vindictive reasons. My observations are based on data collected by David using a mechanism that he tried to explain to me via email. You can get this data by using the Digg Spy JSON Array:
    The Digg Spy Array (set max items to any number)

    ZDNet Not Immune To The “Bury Brigade” | Deep Jive Interests deepjiveinterests.com

    ZDNet Not Immune To The “Bury Brigade”

    Steve O’Hear, whose blog you should read over at ZDnet on the Social Web, innocently picked up on my post yesterday, and innocently tried to run a poll about whether or not Top Diggers should be paid. Mr. O’Hear catalogued his adventures with interest, because after he set it up, he submitted it (he uses the word “dugg”, but “dugg” is more commonly used to describe “voting” … at least, that’s how I describe it). He goes on to describe what happened next:

    Digg Caught Red-Handed Censoring Ron Paul Stories PrisonPlanet.com

    Digg Caught Red-Handed Censoring Ron Paul Stories
    Self-proclaimed ‘digital democracy’ expunges articles after just a single bury
    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet
    Thursday, January 17, 2008

    UPDATE: After just one bury, this article too was deleted from Digg’s upcoming category.
    The self-proclaimed ‘digital democracy’ Digg.com has been caught red-handed artificially suppressing and censoring Ron Paul stories by expunging them from the website with just one bury, despite the fact that thousands of other Digg users are voting the stories up.

    Digg allows users to vote stories up (digg them) or vote them down (bury them). The content of Digg’s main page, which receives millions of readers a day, is decided upon this apparently democratic system.

    For months allegations have been flying around concerning how stories about Ron Paul, which routinely receive well over a thousand diggs, rarely make it to the main page on Digg as a "popular" item.

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    New Media Marketing Concepts for Business Advertising Demographically

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    Amazing tech and social buzz in less time, 7 slick tricks

     Amazing tech and social buzz in less time, 7 slick tricks

    What can I say, the new tech geek by nature is a technology junkie. I want more web more social sharing more information faster broader updates and all that with a bowl O’ grits. The problem is how do you get your technology fix fast enough to satisfy but solid enough to actually view it. How in the world can you use dozens of social and web news sites microblog and still get anything done? How do you digg up and stumble thru hundreds if not thousands of pages a day. Music streaming video life streams and grid casting can really slow your systems let alone absorb way to much life.
    Recently a SEM Friend brought me ‘out of the closet’ no not the rainbow one, the social web O holic closet. During a search engine marketing optimization research investigation, leaked to me, it became apparent I am a bit of a super internet social site share junky. To top that all off we found out I outpaced not only the worlds top A listers but the internet marketers, social promoters, search engine marketers and seo’s when it came to being on internet based social sharing and communications sites.
    OK I admit it, I am a total web O holic. Also since this is a long post here is a short version of the list:

    • Pidgin Open source IM and email client using very low resources

    • Mahalo Combination wiki search and social site with useful tools

    • HelloTxt Multiple microblog and social update service with stats

    • Diigo not just another bookmaking site with great integration

    • Digsby The slickest social instant messenger and email client yet.

    Amazingly enough as it sounds, I do have not computer time, and still keep up a pace even the professionals in each respective field cant match across the board. There are two main factors and for most of us they really make all the difference.
    You probably just like me have no constant overseer of how we are online, not saying when or what overall we do, just how. Most of the people who are professionals in marketing SEM SEO recruiting or training all have an issue we wont. Everyone is staring at them so they have to think about every sill thing they link blog or even in the social micro blogging sphere who and what they reply to. That sucks and is no fun but gives your average human an edge in a really odd way, your freedom of form means you can share what you want when you want how you want and it does not really make a difference to your life or income.
    The second is the options, I try almost every new site any interesting new software gadget or app. I run what works and dump what sucks or slows me down. This might sound odd but if your part of a bigger company or have everything you do looked at, what you use is often as important as who you talk to. Telling the boss or client this new thingy you installed broke something can suck.
    Some really popular sites and software are a pain in the butt and you can use something much better to do it much faster. Just to help you out and show you the difference I will even give you a short list ;)
    SocialAddict many folks have under rated this great adobe air app not only does it interface with 11 websites social networks microblogs aggregators and status update service but it use low ram. You can run it all out and still not slow down your other system software. That makes the time you invest in the web more efficient and effective.
    Pidgin again an under rated software, pidgin is an open source instant messenger client and handles some social site with great email updates. While it does not have microblogs or face book wired in it does not each much ram either. The combination of pidgin and the aforementioned Social Addict will work on almost any system together at the same time easy.
    Digsby not so badly spoken of is the rockin out the box newcomer Digsby. Digsby lock up twitter myspace facebook instant messaging email and a bit more. If you have the resources Digsby is the bomb, but it does all by itself eat as much ram in one bits as the two prior softs and apps together.
    Hellotxt back to the underdogs here I think but Hellotxt.com rocks for the normal folks. When you don’t need to hit a handful of blogs and just want to update the web with what up share something good show a picture or video with friends. Hello text is the spot to get it done. You can shout to all you microblogs and main communication type site like facebook or myspace all in one shot. They even have video pic friend and link stats so you can see what liked by your friends.
    Diigo not just another bookmarking site … really. While digg worried about fairness and del.icio.us was getting some new style, diigo made more options and better technology. Diigo will let you bookmark to other sites interface with your blog and share socially with friends. Did I mention the tech, you get notes bookmarks collaboration and a photo mash screen view slideshow maker to knock any nerds socks off.
    Mahalo no its not stumbleupon its Mahalo and its cool. Mahalo is another newer social site that helps you share to more than one place. Mahalo is also a great social search engine and wiki site. You can browse and even use other social profiles and site right in you homepage its pretty sweet.
    Scour search not the most popular search engine but an awesome way to get the mixed results from google msn and yahoo all at once. the extra kicker is a cool point system and social rating with comments. Its great fun to do thumbs and notes on search results don’t you think.
    Now to cut this long post short. I hope this helps some others out a bit, I know it smooth’s my days and night online. If you know anything good and new feel free to share it I am sure I’ll check it out to.

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    Social Network Website Votes and Traffic Data Grid

    Social Bookmarking, Social Entertainment, Social Media, Social Network, Social News, Social Sharing, Social Voting Websites Traffic Estimates and Actions Numerical Averages Data SMM Grid

    social website traffic

    Network: del.icio.us

    Popular: 50-150

    Negative Vote: -1 Vote

    Traffic: Up to 20,000

    Type: Tech, Info, Guides

    social website traffic

    Network: Digg

    Popular: 50 – 200+ on average

    Negative Vote: Unknown

    Traffic: 1,000 to 100,000 UVs

    Type: Social News

    social website traffic

    Network: Ebaumsworld

    Popular: 25-50

    Negative Vote: –1 Vote

    Traffic: 500-20,000+

    Type: Weird, Wacky, Funny

    social website traffic

    Network: Fark

    Popular: Admin selected

    Traffic: 5,000 to 15,000

    Type: Humor

    social website traffic

    Network: Mixx

    Popular: 30 – 60

    Traffic: 20 – 200

    Type: Social News

    social website traffic

    Network: Propeller

    Popular: 30 – 50+

    Traffic: 1,000 – 20,000

    Type: Social News

    social website traffic

    Network: Reddit

    Popular: 2 – 200+

    Traffic: 3,000 – 30,000

    Type: Social News

    social website trafficsocial website traffic

    Network: Stumble Upon

    Popular: 30 – 40

    Traffic: 2,000 – 50,000

    Type: Toolbar – random

    social website traffic

    Network: Yahoo! Buzz

    Popular: Admin selected

    Traffic: 1-3 million UVs

    Type: Social News

    Social network votes needed to make “popular” and traffic to expect on average for each website.