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My Maybe Crazy Corona Virus Viral Internet Ideas

During the coming weeks and months, millions will be stuck at home. This is a moment in time when we can all get more from less. So, umm, yeah, here’s my weird coronavirus homebound ideas. Book Mobile BonanzasWhy not run small neighborhood by neighborhood style book runs with the existing bookmobiles? Entertainment Do It Live-StreamedWhat […]

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Digg Instant Image Instant Video 1 Click Submit Bookmarklets

Digg Instant Image and Instant Video One Click Submission Bookmarklets Once upon a time I was a digger and I can remember the biggest pointless headache for those hard to get submissions. Digg has an extension, Digg has a bookmarklet but there is one problem with both. Neither has an option to submit images to […]

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New Media Interviews with Mich De Lorme Social Blade Show 12 Dead Diggers Tweeting

It was me recent pleasure to be asked on ‘The Social Blade Show’ and I wanted to share it for those who may be interested or have missed it. Beyond the fact I was there, all in all a very diverse and interesting episode. Social Blade Show Episode 12: Dead Diggers Tweeting This week we […]

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New Media Concepts the Digg Bury Brigade & How to Fight it

New Media Concepts the Digg Bury Brigade and How to Fight it. 9 references and 1 idea. has the bury function for a real and good reason SPAM! Really, we all know it is a problem with any website in one form or another. Yet with Digg the bury feature has fast become a […]

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New Media Marketing Concepts for Business Advertising Demographically

Facebook MyMpace and StumbleUpon Advertising Information Guide. New Media Marketing Concepts for Business Advertising Demographically. FaceBook Advertising Platform and the Facebook Lexicon Search Reach your exact audience and connect real customers to your business. Connect with Real People. Reach over 200,000,000 active Facebook users. Attach social actions to your ads to increase relevance. Create demand […]

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Amazing tech and social buzz in less time, 7 slick tricks

What can I say, the new tech geek by nature is a technology junkie. I want more web more social sharing more information faster broader updates and all that with a bowl O’ grits. The problem is how do you get your technology fix fast enough to satisfy but solid enough to actually view it. […]

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Social Network Website Votes and Traffic Data Grid

Social Bookmarking, Social Entertainment, Social Media, Social Network, Social News, Social Sharing, Social Voting Websites Traffic Estimates and Actions Numerical Averages Data SMM Grid Network: Popular: 50-150 Negative Vote: -1 Vote Traffic: Up to 20,000 Type: Tech, Info, Guides Network: Digg Popular: 50 – 200+ on average Negative Vote: Unknown Traffic: 1,000 to 100,000 […]