Torture in American Prisons? It Happens Everyday in the USA!

Torture in American Prisons, it Happens Everyday in the USA

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AbuGhuraib wasn’t new…Americans are not new to torturing inhumanly….American prisons have a considerable history of such torture

I’ve personally witnessed prison guards beating, gassing and shocking inmates. I’ve seen this done for reasons such as not getting up fast enough, not moving fast enough or making too much noise. These are common occurrences in every jail and prison in the United States. So, why do politicians act as if a foreign US run prison would be any different? Or that these atrocities are a surprise of some sort? What makes anyone think these federally ran prisons would be immune to the same administrative abuse? After all, they’re all a part of the same broken, biased system.

Welcome back to the real America, land of the free, home of the brave (at least that’s what we’re taught to believe). Our society is based on material objects and teaches us that greed is good. For those with no chance, there are few options. For those who do not conform, there is torture.

A Short History of Why I Know

I’ve been imprisoned, not for a crime I actually committed, but for daring to fight the law. As a youth, I embarrassed a police investigator. Within two weeks of turning 17, I was arrested and charged with numerous crimes. The Police and prosecutors corroborated to inflate the charges and value of a newspaper box Yes, I said newspaper machine; like the ones you put change into. They quoted the value at over $1400 dollars and claim I had picked up and carried away 2 of them. The newspaper company stated each box’ value at under $200. That’s what we call truth, liberty and justice, right?

I served close to two years in a maximum security prison, beginning at the age of 17, and was released 1 month before I turned 19. I’m now 34 years old and still bear the burden of the system’s personal vengeance. I’ve never been able to gain employment in any environment that requires a security check or background check. I was denied by the Army, the Coast Guard and asked to lie when I tried to join the Marines.

My story isn’t so sad when compared to those of some the other people I met along the way; people with fewer chances and options than I’ve been presented with. I try to tell myself I was lucky, that I survived, but this does me little good. I still carry a hatred for the system and the injustices responsible for my plight.  If it wasn’t for my wife and children, life would truly be dismal. Because of them I carry on my struggle, knowing full well I’ll never be able to make my "history" vanish from my personal record. I simply do my best to support them in a legal fashion, my one reward being their love.

When my daughters were 9 an admitted child stalker was harassing them. He attacked me after being asked about his actions. Like any man and father, I defended myself and my children. The district attorney congratulated my heroic efforts by charging me with attempted murder. In the end, the jury found me not-guilty. In leading up to the trial I was informed that due to my criminal record I would be made an example of.

Humans saved me, the system failed me. Even with five separate restraining orders and multiple admissions of guilt, the attacker and child stalker was propped up by ‘the right side’ of the law. Welcome to the real America, land of the free if they can afford it, land of the brave when you are weak enough to be abused.

Please think very carefully before you judge what this documentary shows. Some would say ‘they are criminals, so who cares?’ The truth is, a very high percentage of those in American prisons are only guilty of not having the monetary ability to purchase their freedom. I’m not saying they didn’t commit a crime, but many have no choice, no option, no chance to do otherwise. When you have no future, no security, food or shelter, what option do you have beyond doing any and everything to survive?

Without a prison system that helps to reform the true criminals, they’ll never stop. Without true equality there will always be cause to do ‘wrong.’ Without hope… we’re doomed.

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