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New Media Tool Blog Signature Comment ID Grease Monkey Userscript

New Media Tools: Blog Signature Comment ID for Grease Monkey at As a researcher and new media social user I comment on blogs news sites and various other places on a daily basis. Being I am use the same gravatar linked email and ‘signature’ almost every time, I wanted to save myself a bit […]

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Digg Instant Image Instant Video 1 Click Submit Bookmarklets

Digg Instant Image and Instant Video One Click Submission Bookmarklets Once upon a time I was a digger and I can remember the biggest pointless headache for those hard to get submissions. Digg has an extension, Digg has a bookmarklet but there is one problem with both. Neither has an option to submit images to […]

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New Media Tools: Greasemonkey Stumbleupon Extended Friend Groups Script and Stumbleupon Extended Friend Groups Firefox Extension

New Media Tools: Greasemonkey Stumbleupon Extended Friends Groups Userscript Beta and Stumbleupon Extended Friend Groups Firefox Extension Alpha There is no doubt Stumbleupon is my favorite site to pass my time and explore. It goes without saying Firefox is my go-to browser. Unquestionably do I say Greasemonkey is the simplest way to tweak you code […]

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Journalism Optimized Power Blogging In Firefox Faster » Write It Ur Self @WriteItUrSelf.Com

“Journalism Optimized: Power Blogging In Firefox Faster, Writing Reasearch and Media Included.”Write It Ur Self @WriteItUrSelf.Com: Journalism Optimized: Power Blogging In Firefox Faster, Writing Reasearch and Media Included. Writing takes time, no matter how fast you type, there is no rushing inspiration. Even the most well thought out post will have innumerable seconds lost to […]

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New Media Tools Text Word Counter

Simple Text Word Counter This free script provided by JavaScript Kit Many time I have needed a word count, now we have a quick tool for it. Hope its as helpful for you as it was to me. New Media Tags: word-counter, code, javascript, text-counter, tools Technorati Tags: word-counter,code,javascript,text-counter,tools IceRocket Tags: word-counter,code,javascript,text-counter,tools Tags: word-counter,code,javascript,text-counter,tools […]

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Amazing tech and social buzz in less time, 7 slick tricks

What can I say, the new tech geek by nature is a technology junkie. I want more web more social sharing more information faster broader updates and all that with a bowl O’ grits. The problem is how do you get your technology fix fast enough to satisfy but solid enough to actually view it. […]