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“Journalism Optimized: Power Blogging In Firefox Faster, Writing Reasearch and Media Included.”Write It Ur Self @WriteItUrSelf.Com:

Journalism Optimized: Power Blogging In Firefox Faster, Writing Reasearch and Media Included.

xFireFox Writing takes time, no matter how fast you type, there is no rushing inspiration. Even the most well thought out post will have innumerable seconds lost to pauses as you make minute decisions in your words. A journalist approach, something all bloggers writers and media makers should be, takes immense research. From fact finding, to content and reference procurement, there is always more to it than just typing some text to make enough words.
Great content takes careful crafting rich with research, be it newsprint magazines books or blogs, all require that extra effort to become so. The only true way to be faster without losing as much quality as time, only efficiency will work. An optimized strategy planned to your target market and audience will take you far. As a researcher and author to hundreds of independent writers, website owners, news media organizations, journalists and blogs, I have found one simple thing above all else can make the greatest impact, Firefox.
Firefox with the right set of extensions can take hours off your combined research and writing time. If you post to a web based blog or posing system, you can do everything from any computer connected to the internet with a usb port. By use of a thumb drive you can carry your office in your pocket. With the right extensions you can mirror your laptop your work station and your thumb drive without even thinking about it as soon as your set up. In fact, you don’t even need a thumb drive if you do not need the portability and all systems can still be synced as long as they have Firefox and a live connection.
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