Reaction vs Linkbait Marketing Association Advertising? New Media Concept Making Twittered New Media Make Sense Tweet-Re-Construction Series

Tricky Tweeple Social Spammers Seo Sinners Linkbait Liars and Asinine Advertising a Web War of the Wordsmith’s: Reaction Marketing meets Linkbait Marketing, Association Advertising Evolved? First in a New Media Concept Series: Making Twittered New Media Make Sense by Tweet-Re-Construction.
A recompiled idea from the Twitter social media sphere:

Lyndon Lyndoman Antcliff:

“Most good Linkbait fails because the context is not thought out. The ability to switch perspectives is a real skill, most don’t rate it”
Tweet Jul 2009

Mich MichDe De Lorme:

“@Lyndoman Quiet right, ability to play semantics & human concepts a key asset in reaction marketing (aka linkbait)”
Tweet Jul 30th from FriendFeed reply to lyndoman

Lyndon Lyndoman Antcliff:

“@MichDe excellent description of linkbait”
Tweet Jul 30th reply to MichDe

Many times we tweet a brilliant idea yet lose it. Why I am not sure, new media is young in its applications uses and workings. To recall, why not re-organize and re-list? To often do we scatter our skills in random quotations, why not re-collect tweets re-compile postings and reclaim them? “Yet another new media concept?”
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