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Amazing tech and social buzz in less time, 7 slick tricks

What can I say, the new tech geek by nature is a technology junkie. I want more web more social sharing more information faster broader updates and all that with a bowl O’ grits. The problem is how do you get your technology fix fast enough to satisfy but solid enough to actually view it. […]

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Social Network Website Votes and Traffic Data Grid

Social Bookmarking, Social Entertainment, Social Media, Social Network, Social News, Social Sharing, Social Voting Websites Traffic Estimates and Actions Numerical Averages Data SMM Grid Network: Popular: 50-150 Negative Vote: -1 Vote Traffic: Up to 20,000 Type: Tech, Info, Guides Network: Digg Popular: 50 – 200+ on average Negative Vote: Unknown Traffic: 1,000 to 100,000 […]

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Digg Education Series: Submitting and Commenting

Digg the Blog » Blog Archive » Digg Education Series: Submitting and Commenting:“Digg Education Series: Submitting and Commenting” SubmissionsDigg is your submissions! All of the content you see on the site has been submitted by users like you – we want to see what interests you or is important news from your perspective.When submitting a […]

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BlogSpot Blogger Template Tags: defined – Blogger Help

Template Tags: defined – Blogger Help: "Template Tags: defined" BlogSpot Blogger Template Tags Jump Start List Blogger tags look a lot like HTML. One difference between them and HTML is that case is important. <$BlogSiteFeedLink$> – Outputs your site feed’s URL inside a <link> tag: <link rel="service.feed" type="application/atom+xml" title="Your Blog’s Title" href="" /> <$BlogEncoding$> – […]

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Dj @FeinX Pink Lights Out Girls Kiss RefiX Video

Dj FeinX Pink Lights Out Girls Kiss RefiX

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10 Natural World Wonders a @LIFE Photo Gallery

Natural Wonders – Photo Gallery, 10 Pictures – LIFE“10 Natural Wonders of the World a @LIFE Photo Gallery“ 10 Natural Wonders of the World a @LIFE Photo GalleryBitly: Source:

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Developing a New Blogger Template the New Media Concept Blog

Developing a New Blogger Template the New Media Concept Blog: I am making a new blogger template for my new blogspot powered personal new media concepts blog. Social meadia has become an intregal part of new media and old media alike in recent years. This blog them is an alpha living new media template hoping […]