Family Trees Tribal Totems and Tattoo Designs

Seeking deeper meaning in a tattoo is a hard task, to find a life altering image empowering enough to emblazon your breast likened as Superman’s famous S… let alone creating an original idea as a coverup, for old not so good tattoos, without being a clone to copycat art and flash. When ink is in your blood though, you can see many things from a more combined and creative light.




Tree Tattootumblr_lad9h4NSI51qzmjp9o1_400


As I walked the forest of life blinded by the trees, now I see the forest and know my roots. These each in their own way helped me find a new way to grow my tree of life and be awakened every time I see it. That my friends, random readers and those who really know, is a glisten of soul brighter than gold.

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Five Bad Ads With Rich Ideas and Poor Taste

Modern advertising is bold and brilliant… sometimes. Others it’s just plain dumb.

Always + Coca-Cola


Bread + Life?


Gas + Ass Bubbles


Tampax + Sharks


Wedding Ring + WTF?


Advertising is a vicious business, but honestly… WTF were they thinking?

Many thanks again to @NewMediaPOP from for the story.

5 SpaceLOLZ Smart yet Stupid LOL Pics, U HAZ SPAYZE?

Haz Spayze? Dey du: Discovery Science and Nerd About Presents Space-LOLz


A wonderful fun side of the famous discovery science nerd about team.

i cee ringz aroun uranis!!! [link]

ican haz gas!!! [link]

where tang??? [link]

marshens can seez hous from hir [link]

what u lookin at??? [link]

Who says science cant be fun? Check out more great stuff from the discovery channel today.

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6 Surreal Space Scenes: Amazing Earthbound 1440 Backgrounds

6 Surreal Space Scenes in Amazing Earthbound Artistic Widescreen Wallpapers at 1440px by 900px Background Image Sizes

A virtual sunrise to sunset of planetary pictures. From the cool blues to the redden heat. A visual treat to surreally sooth with planetary portraiture.







Tagged: surreal sunrise sunset planets space

Hat tip to New Media POP aka @NewMediaPOP for the idea.

One Mother Four Children One Message (4 PICS)

We have one planet, many call it Mother Earth, can you hear what she is saying?

Mother’s baby girl:

Mom’s youngest boy.

Mother’s eldest daughter:

Mama’s oldest son.

Did you get the message?

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