Photo Journal of an Oil Spill Cleanup

Photo Journal of an Oil Spill Cleanup | Chemically Green: “The Malaysian-flagged MT Bunga Kelana 3 was carrying about 62,000 tons of light crude oil, the country’s coast guard said. Singapore port authorities said the spill measured about 4 kilometers by 1 kilometer and was located 6 kilometers south of Singapore’s southeastern tip.

Oil waves pounding the shore.

Oil wave.

More than 50 workers were deployed for the cleansing operations within a short time. Later 450 more workers joined to speed up the process. Sand contaminated by the oil sludge was disposed of immediately. Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore had six response craft on site to manage the spill at all time. via: Ricky Gui

It was less than a tenth the size of Singapore’s worst such oil spill since the MPA was created. As much as 29,000 tons of heavy marine fuel oil leaked into Singapore waters from the tanker Evoikos in 1997 after it collided with the Orapin Global tanker.”