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Torture in American Prisons? It Happens Everyday in the USA!

Torture in American Prisons, it Happens Everyday in the USA via: yaquds AbuGhuraib wasn’t new…Americans are not new to torturing inhumanly….American prisons have a considerable history of such torture … I’ve personally witnessed prison guards beating, gassing and shocking inmates. I’ve seen this done for reasons such as not getting up fast enough, not moving […]

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PIMP my ASCII Comics – Gansta Grill Admiral Ackbar It’s a trap Oh Sh1t!

Pimp my ASCII Comic’s in plain txt: It’s a trap meme edition This Pimp my ASCII edition ‘ascii comic pimping’ we look at the infamous Admiral Ackbar It’s a trap meme in plain text: From the ever played meme Admiral Ackbar It’s a trap! . . . . . . . . . . . […]

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WP-AddStumble a StumbleUpon WordPress Plugin Beta Released

I just released a new wordpress plugin as a stable beta… WP-AddStumble a StumbleUpon WordPress Plugin (Mich DeLorme): WP-AddStumble StumbleUpon WordPress Plugin Description: Adds a ‘Stumble’ counter button to your blog posts and pages, so people can ‘thumb’s up’ your website. Allows custom configuration of button position floated right or left with top or bottom […]