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Reaction vs Linkbait Marketing Association Advertising? New Media Concept Making Twittered New Media Make Sense Tweet-Re-Construction Series

Tricky Tweeple Social Spammers Seo Sinners Linkbait Liars and Asinine Advertising a Web War of the Wordsmith’s: Reaction Marketing meets Linkbait Marketing, Association Advertising Evolved? First in a New Media Concept Series: Making Twittered New Media Make Sense by Tweet-Re-Construction. A recompiled idea from the Twitter social media sphere: Lyndon Lyndoman Antcliff: “Most good Linkbait […]

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Twitter Sesh the Twitter Video via Twitter Blog:

via @Twitter Blog: Twitter Sesh Check out this funny video Ben Stiller (@redhourBen) made with Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest). “Yeah, why don’t you come on Idol because that will help me. You showing up on American Idol. Again.” Link:

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One Mother Four Children One Message (4 PICS)

We have one planet, many call it Mother Earth, can you hear what she is saying? Mother’s baby girl: Mom’s youngest boy. Mother’s eldest daughter: Mama’s oldest son. Did you get the message? tags earth eco green forest message Technorati Tags: earth,eco,green,forest,message   IceRocket Tags: earth,eco,green,forest,message   Flickr Tags: earth,eco,green,forest,message Tags: earth,eco,green,forest,message   […]