WP-AddStumble a StumbleUpon WordPress Plugin

WP-AddStumble StumbleUpon WordPress Plugin

Description: Adds a “Stumble” counter button to your blog posts and pages, so people can “thumb’s up” your website, and see how many others liked it as well.  Allows custom configuration of button position floated right or left with top or bottom alignment, not shown may also be selected.

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  • wp-AddStumble.zip – on Feb 2, 2010 10:05 AM by mich delorme (version 1) 2k Download

StumbleUpon.com has released an official ‘SU’ button with a counter feature. This is what you normally do to use it:

Hard coding the button on an entire network of sites was to slow. So I made a plugin for wordpress blogs, making it easy to add the stumbleupon counter. The feature set is for now very minimal. Selection for floating the badge to the top or bottom and the left or right for position. You may also set it to not show, this lets you use the advanced call functions. You may use in theme code or in post short code to place it per page/post in this manner. The badge will not show on error pages, search pages categories or archives. The badge does show up on the standard homepage, pages and posts.

Now you can use a plugin and do this in a click:

WP-AddStumble Top Left:

WP-AddStumble Top Right:

WP-AddStumble Bottom Left:

WP-AddStumble Bottom Right:

This settings are in the WP-Admin section of your backend and look like this:

WP-AddStumble WP-Admin Interface:

WP-AddStumble WP-Admin Settings Tab:

The plugin will be hosted at the WordPress repository once the svn files have been finalized. The current status of the plugin is ‘stable beta’ and has bee tested from wp2.1 to wp2.9 for function.

Please do leave comments, examples, information or suggestions if you help test the plugin below.

[Created by Mich De L’Orme]

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