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Drug Addiction 1951 Anti-Drug Film by Encyclopedia Britannica

Drug Addiction (1951) Producer: Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc. [source] Marty, a "good boy," experiments with marijuana and experiences "profound mental and emotional disturbances". As in all anti-drug films of this vintage, marijuana leads straight to "H", and Marty’s decline continues until he is busted, rehabbed and reformed. Part 1 of 3 Drug Addiction’s stilted view […]

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Oaksterdam University Offers Weed Education Marijuana Cultivation & Law

Oaksterdam University offering classes in weed education teaching marijuana law and cultivation [source:] Since 2007, Oaksterdam University has been teaching marijuana law and cultivation. The school trains people to operate within the industry in a safe and responsible manner. On the forefront of a new industry, students are trained to work in a dispensary, […]

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4 Quarters of WEEDS! = an Ounce of Behind the Scenes Dope

InFANity interview series: WEEDS! a modern twist on the ‘Family Drug Business’ Weeds Part 1: Go behind the scenes to chill out with the cast and creators of WEEDS! InFANity chills out with the cast and creators of WEEDS! Go behind the scenes, meet the stars and creator Kenji Cohen, and, spend time with Mary […]

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The Marijuana-Logues Straight Dope Video Interview Chronic-al

New Media Video: The Marijuana-Logues Straight Dope Video Interview Chronic-al  Arj Barker, Doug Benson, and Tony Camin share everything about pot (that they can remember) in their book, THE MARIJUANA-LOGUES. These fellows are blunt about their chronic addiction. Tags: addiction chronic marijuana weed video BuzzNet Tags: addiction,chronic,marijuana,weed,video Tags: addiction,chronic,marijuana,weed,video IceRocket Tags: addiction,chronic,marijuana,weed,video Technorati Tags: […]