Video: NASA launches WISE telescope

Reuters Video: NASA launches WISE telescope

The infrared heavens — once obscured — will soon be open to the eyes of astronomers as NASA launches the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer telescope.

5 SpaceLOLZ Smart yet Stupid LOL Pics, U HAZ SPAYZE?

Haz Spayze? Dey du: Discovery Science and Nerd About Presents Space-LOLz


A wonderful fun side of the famous discovery science nerd about team.

i cee ringz aroun uranis!!! [link]

ican haz gas!!! [link]

where tang??? [link]

marshens can seez hous from hir [link]

what u lookin at??? [link]

Who says science cant be fun? Check out more great stuff from the discovery channel today.

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If We Had No Moon Discovery Channel Patrick Stewart Video

Full Discovery Channel Video If We Had No Moon with Patrick Stewart

If We Had No Moon (1999) (TV)

Patrick Stewart, the famous Professor X from "X-Men", is the narrator of this documentary what begins with an imaginary disaster: Venus hitting the Earth and destroying both. A fantasy?, maybe, but much astronomer scientist and other experts believe what, if the moon didn’t exist, surely would have happened already. With the help and the explain of some of these scientist, they will discover the reality and mystery of our satellite, from the faraway past…until the terrible future, when the moon, too much far from us, does what the Earth fatally overturns on Its axis by the absence of the lunar gravity. Somebody want to see It? Written by Ivan Sanluis Garcia

From the official Discovery Channel Description:

What would life on earth be like without the moon? Well, chances are, there wouldn’t be any life on earth without the moon. Life – if it had started at all – would still be in the earliest stages of evolution.

Scientists use the latest computer simulations to show how an ancient rogue planet – Orpheus – collided with the earth millions of years ago, producing a sizable chunk of debris that eventually became our moon. If that collision had never occurred, we would live in a very different place. Imagine a moon-less weather report – blizzards over the Sahara, floodwaters swallowing the Pyramids, 90-degree temperatures in Antarctica. As the earth wobbles on its axis – unsecured by the moon’s gravitational pull – the polar caps would grow and recede at frightening rates. And without the moon, our planet would spin much faster – meaning four-hour days and searing temperatures.

Worse yet, evidence reveals that we are in fact losing our grip on our lunar friend thanks to the ebb and flow of the oceans’ tides. Experts reveal theories for salvaging the moon – including hijacking Europa from Jupiter – and demonstrate how we can prepare ourselves for our eventual life without it.

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6 Surreal Space Scenes: Amazing Earthbound 1440 Backgrounds

6 Surreal Space Scenes in Amazing Earthbound Artistic Widescreen Wallpapers at 1440px by 900px Background Image Sizes

A virtual sunrise to sunset of planetary pictures. From the cool blues to the redden heat. A visual treat to surreally sooth with planetary portraiture.







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Hat tip to New Media POP aka @NewMediaPOP for the idea.