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Video: NASA launches WISE telescope

Reuters Video: NASA launches WISE telescope The infrared heavens — once obscured — will soon be open to the eyes of astronomers as NASA launches the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer telescope. New Media Tagged: nasa reuters space telescope video Technorati Tags: nasa,reuters,space,telescope,video LiveJournal Tags: nasa,reuters,space,telescope,video IceRocket Tags: nasa,reuters,space,telescope,video Tags: nasa,reuters,space,telescope,video BuzzNet Tags: nasa,reuters,space,telescope,video 43 […]

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5 SpaceLOLZ Smart yet Stupid LOL Pics, U HAZ SPAYZE?

Haz Spayze? Dey du: Discovery Science and Nerd About Presents Space-LOLz A wonderful fun side of the famous discovery science nerd about team. i cee ringz aroun uranis!!! [link] ican haz gas!!! [link] where tang??? [link] marshens can seez hous from hir [link] what u lookin at??? [link] Who says science cant be fun? Check […]

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If We Had No Moon Discovery Channel Patrick Stewart Video

Full Discovery Channel Video If We Had No Moon with Patrick Stewart If We Had No Moon (1999) (TV) Patrick Stewart, the famous Professor X from "X-Men", is the narrator of this documentary what begins with an imaginary disaster: Venus hitting the Earth and destroying both. A fantasy?, maybe, but much astronomer scientist and […]

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6 Surreal Space Scenes: Amazing Earthbound 1440 Backgrounds

6 Surreal Space Scenes in Amazing Earthbound Artistic Widescreen Wallpapers at 1440px by 900px Background Image Sizes A virtual sunrise to sunset of planetary pictures. From the cool blues to the redden heat. A visual treat to surreally sooth with planetary portraiture. Tagged: surreal sunrise sunset planets space Technorati Tags: planets,space,surreal,wallpaper,widescreen IceRocket Tags: planets,space,surreal,wallpaper,widescreen Flickr […]