Suckers List: How Allstate’s Secret Auto Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders

Insurers are supposed to price based on risk, but Allstate’s algorithm put a thumb on the scale By: Maddy Varner and Aaron Sankin Seven years ago, Allstate Corporation told Maryland regulators it was time to update its auto insurance rates. The insurer said its new, sophisticated risk analysis showed it was charging nearly all of […]

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Turn On Tune In Dropout Becomes Turn Off Tune Out Get In

Turn On Tune In Dropout Becomes Turn Off Tune Out Get In So what has changed? Were they right in the wrong moment or wrong with good timing? Timothy Leary is the face behind the chemical catalyst to a movement that’s remains are now ‘the man’ themselves. So where did the passion for change go? […]

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Prosecutors Persecution and Porn what is the Connection

Prosecutors persecution and porn, the story of Trey McLeod Sumter County South Carolina Prosecutor vs. Michael DeLorme a husband, father and small town citizen. or: “A story of greed power and self serving sexual deviants.” Trey McLeod a Sumter County prosecutor has taken it upon himself to re-classify criminal charges against Mr. DeLorme that have […]