You Know Times are Tough When Your Turf is a Trashcan

You Know Times are Tough When Your Turf is a Trashcan: “
Garbage Graffitia

Photo: northwestgangs
With the recession in full swing life is getting harder. Not yet to the level of the Great Depression, but close enough to impact every sector of society. Some of the hidden sufferers are gangs in the gangland turf wars. As less people can afford drugs and electronics worth stealing, times are getting tough for the small gangs. Some have been reduced to garbage for territory. Like all true thugs though, they tag it and claim it with prideā€¦”

Green Gone Greedy: When Ads Abuse Yo’ Mama

When Nature Ads Go Wrong: “Go Green! At least that’s what they think, you think, they’re making you think, they think…

Confused yet? Corporate greed has always been the bane of the environment. Now greed has gone ‘green’ again, this time it’s a pretty paint job, for the same green they have always chased, money….

How to Sell a Lock… Choke a Tree and Kill Some Hippies!

Green Hippy Happy Greed
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