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5 Bad Ads With Rich Ideas and Poor Taste

Five Bad Ads With Rich Ideas and Poor Taste View Full Album Modern advertising is bold and brilliant… sometimes. Others it’s just plain dumb. Always + Coca-Cola Bread + Life? Gas + Ass Bubbles Tampax + Sharks Wedding Ring + WTF? Advertising is a vicious business, but honestly… WTF were they thinking? New Media Tagged: […]

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National Geographic HEMBI MIT Wildlife Critter Cam Video

National Geographic MIT HEMBI [Human Environment Mobile Based Interactions] Critter Cam Video Records Wildlife First Hand National Geographic Critter Cam records wildlife first hand National Geographic came to MIT for the HEMBI or Human Environment Mobile Based Interactions workshop and showed off their Critter Cam. Greg Marshall, National Geographic Crittercam: Can You See Me Now? […]

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How To Make Gumbo New Orleans Style Video

Video on How To Make New Orleans Style Gumbo Nothing says “New Orleans” like this thick soup. This recipe makes a Creole-style gumbo, using chicken or shrimp. New Media Tags: gumbo recipe video how-to new-orleans BuzzNet Tags: gumbo,recipe,video,how-to,new-orleans Tags: gumbo,recipe,video,how-to,new-orleans IceRocket Tags: gumbo,recipe,video,how-to,new-orleans Technorati Tags: gumbo,recipe,video,how-to,new-orleans

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5 SpaceLOLZ Smart yet Stupid LOL Pics, U HAZ SPAYZE?

Haz Spayze? Dey du: Discovery Science and Nerd About Presents Space-LOLz A wonderful fun side of the famous discovery science nerd about team. i cee ringz aroun uranis!!! [link] ican haz gas!!! [link] where tang??? [link] marshens can seez hous from hir [link] what u lookin at??? [link] Who says science cant be fun? Check […]

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If We Had No Moon Discovery Channel Patrick Stewart Video

Full Discovery Channel Video If We Had No Moon with Patrick Stewart If We Had No Moon (1999) (TV) Patrick Stewart, the famous Professor X from "X-Men", is the narrator of this documentary what begins with an imaginary disaster: Venus hitting the Earth and destroying both. A fantasy?, maybe, but much astronomer scientist and […]

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How to Build a Real Light Saber from the Original Star Wars Movie Lightsaber Blueprints at Home

Video How to on Building a Real Lightsaber from the Original Star Wars Movie Light Saber Blueprints at Home Backyard FX: How to build a real lightsaber. Erik Beck unearths the original light saber blueprints from the special effects creator for Star Wars. And now we show you how to buy parts to a real […]

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Real Tattoo How to Videos on Tattooists Tattooing and Tattoo Pain

A collection of four very informative videos about the reality of tattoos and tattooing. Help with how to find a tattoo that is the right tat for you. Interviews with tattooists explaining the process of tattooing and the products used for tattoos. Even a great how to guide with tips on keeping the pain of […]

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New Media Concepts Digg API / CompleteList

Digg API / CompleteList: “Alphabetical List of Endpoints” Digg API Alphabetical List of Endpoints /containers (List Containers) /container/{container short_name} (List Containers) /errors (List Errors) /error/{code} (List Errors) /galleryphotos (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphotos/comments (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphoto/{id} (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphoto/{id}/comments (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphoto/{id}/comment/{id} (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphoto/{id}/comment/{id}/replies (List Gallery Photos) /galleryphotos/{list} (List Gallery Photos) […]

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6 Surreal Space Scenes: Amazing Earthbound 1440 Backgrounds

6 Surreal Space Scenes in Amazing Earthbound Artistic Widescreen Wallpapers at 1440px by 900px Background Image Sizes A virtual sunrise to sunset of planetary pictures. From the cool blues to the redden heat. A visual treat to surreally sooth with planetary portraiture. Tagged: surreal sunrise sunset planets space Technorati Tags: planets,space,surreal,wallpaper,widescreen IceRocket Tags: planets,space,surreal,wallpaper,widescreen Flickr […]

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Why semantic targeting trumps keywords a video on semantic ad relevance

Why semantic targeting trumps seo keyword approaches via: iMediaConnection. Video keynote Presentation by Ad Peppers David Crystal on semantic ad relevance and intelligent contextual semantic targeting. Seo info beyond web 2.0 seo info. Opening Remarks & Keynote: “How Semantics Improve Brand Safety and Ad Relevance” Presenter: David Crystal, Linguist, Author, Linguistic Advisor to ad pepper […]

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Brand New Nike Golf Package Driver and Irons Set

Click Here for details on how to get a Nike Golf Package. Are you sick and tired of looking at your old set of clubs? Tired of saving your pennies and mapping out a time when purchasing a new set of clubs is going to fit into your budget? Click Here for details on how […]

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Drug Addiction 1951 Anti-Drug Film by Encyclopedia Britannica

Drug Addiction (1951) Producer: Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Inc. [source] Marty, a "good boy," experiments with marijuana and experiences "profound mental and emotional disturbances". As in all anti-drug films of this vintage, marijuana leads straight to "H", and Marty’s decline continues until he is busted, rehabbed and reformed. Part 1 of 3 Drug Addiction’s stilted view […]