Family Trees Tribal Totems and Tattoo Designs

Seeking deeper meaning in a tattoo is a hard task, to find a life altering image empowering enough to emblazon your breast likened as Superman’s famous S… let alone creating an original idea as a coverup, for old not so good tattoos, without being a clone to copycat art and flash. When ink is in your blood though, you can see many things from a more combined and creative light. 372995-28430-23 tree normal_tree Tree Tattootumblr_lad9h4NSI51qzmjp9o1_400 Tribal-Tree2 As I walked the forest of life blinded by the trees, now I see the forest and know my roots. These each in their own way helped me find a new way to grow my tree of life and be awakened every time I see it. That my friends, random readers and those who really know, is a glisten of soul brighter than gold.

Plan B Skateboard Decks Kenji Skate Team Designs

Plan B Skate Team Kenji Skateboard Deck Designs:

Danny Way Plan B deck Ryan Sheckler Plan B deck Colin McKay Plan B deck Brian Wenning PlanB deck

Sheckler Tattoo Plan B deck Prod Plan B deck Dark Logo Plan B deck Demonic Plan B deck

PJ Ladd Plan B deck Jereme Rogers Plan B deck Pat Duffy Plan B deck Ryan Gallant Plan B deck

source:joshua m. smith

These may not be standard issue Plan B decks but I still want one. Danny Way needs to get a hold of Mr. Smith and take this skateboard deck team line mainstream. Let us all get down with the Plan B team skate ninja bushido style!

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Real Tattoo How to Videos on Tattooists Tattooing and Tattoo Pain

A collection of four very informative videos about the reality of tattoos and tattooing. Help with how to find a tattoo that is the right tat for you. Interviews with tattooists explaining the process of tattooing and the products used for tattoos. Even a great how to guide with tips on keeping the pain of a new tattoo to a bearable level. How To Choose a Tattoo That’s Right For You [sourced]

Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Tattoo [sourced]

Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Tattoo Part 2 [sourced]

Two part guide to getting a tattoo and how tattooing works from How To Minimize the Pain Of Getting a Tattoo [sourced]

Getting a tattoo will never be a walk in the park, but it can be less painful if you take a few simple precautions. The vast majority of tattoo how to post I find are quite sub par. All of these seemed of a great quality and as a proud banded person of ink, I wanted to present something useful in the field. I spent a short time as a tattoo artist under a wonderful old school biker tattooist and know a side of it many fail to see. In a great tattoo it is a combination of knowledge planning and mixing of artist tattoo and the tattooed. New Media Tagged: art idea tattoo video how-to

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