Just When You Gave Up on REDDIT … This Happens

So I was joking around with Alexis from reddit the other day and…

Ok so, if you know me, #IRL not just online, know I have lots of these tales…

That one time online, not at band camp…

I was being a wiseguy poking at an entrepreneurial startup technoratzi bear.

My faith was restored refreshed yet anew.

The founder of reddit poked back, like a real boy, no string on he!

Just when I forgot even the icons are geeks like us…

I get another #CoolStoryBro to add with #IRLOT collection.

So now as a professional #SMDB I could claim…

“Yeah, I talk with Alexis Ohanian and we bs on Facebook n stuff, no biggie”

or like the wandering new media minstrel that I am…

“Anyone can be real and remain involved online, just look at Alexis Ohanian

… and yes, I realize, especially to those who have been tortured by my unraveling rambles. They may sound like tall tales. Perhaps, that is why I have had the pleasure, of innumerable interactions with those most would never believe. I know we are just people and stay human, not overreact. You see, this isn’t a guru pointing me out or anointing me with blessed social magic dust, it was a friendly face in the crowd who chuckled. The point being, online not everything is a big deal, but what otherwise couldn’t be, can be. In human speak, what I mean is, you can be just you freely.

Online this applies to any and everyone who isn’t anti-social or an outright #TROLL. From the top politicians to the new hire in the mail room, the ultra-famous to the recently plugged in, some other impressive stereotype to some other weak belittlement of a job title, we can all have a casual conversation. The only catch really isn’t, even though for most it is. You have to relax, just be yourself and keep it casual because it’s no big deal. That is after all the beauty in social media today for the mass adoption wave this century. Not only can you see what you’re interested in but, you can interact directly with the source. If you keep calm and carry on, you never know who may say something out of the blue. Yet if you #fanboy out and socialize with stress… you may as well go watch YouTube, because it just and cool dude.

Now, to put this in clear, honest perspective. INSTAGRAM LINK


View from my desk. PS thanks for the headphones @thenightlyshow

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Posted by Mich De L’Orme on Wednesday, February 17, 2016