Really Cool Mosaic Rubik’s Skateboard Deck

After their collaboration in 2005, Mekanism and Invader joined forces again. This time Invader created three original and unique skateboards for Mekanism. Each deck is covered by a mosaic made of real tiles and is signed, titled, dated and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

“Matrix deck” is the first out of the three original and unique skateboards created by Invader for Mekanism. It’s composed of the same red and blue tiles used in 2005 by Invader to create the original mosaic that was photographed and printed on each of the 100 Mekanism/Invader limited-edition skateboards. The eyes of the space invaders on “Matrix deck” are composed of mirror tiles.

“Above the city deck” is the second out of the three original and unique skateboards created by Invader for Mekanism. It’s composed of black and white micro tiles.

“Rubik deck” is the third out of the three original and unique skateboards created by Invader for Mekanism. It’s composed of tiles taken from rubik’s cubes.

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Four Bunnies of the Apocalypse

Proof that bunnies are EVIL!



Skateboard Designs by Sean Kelly, No Comply – 2006. 100% Canadian Maple, Scratch Resistant Sublimation Print, Pressed in Melbourne, Australia.

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Crochet Skate Decks: Skateboard Designs a Mother Could Love

With the economy in such a slump no market can be under served. To help prop up one such group of skaters, Seniors and Knitters can now join the fray, thanks to Deza Skateboards. Crochet skate decks may not make you Mr. Popular at the park but they sure look comfy and your mother will surely approve…

<img style="display: inline" title="dezacrochetdecks" alt="dezacrochetdecks" src="https://i1.wp viagra au maroc″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Boards designs for Deza Skateboards by: FPAz


Remember these next time you mom gets on your back, buy her a crochet skatedeck pattern and your good to go. It will take her weeks to finish it and the whole time skateboarding will for once be a good hobby.

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Best Skateboard Tricks Ever and Then Some!

Best Skateboard Trick Ever

What is the best skateboarding trick ever? Nobody can really say, but many have tried. Nothing gets a better chance at picking the best than an epic video mashup. Except maybe a powerhouse triple stack of them.

Best Skateboard Tricks Ever 1

Best Skateboard Tricks Ever 2

Best Skateboard Tricks Ever 3

No clear favorite yet, I guess I’ll have to slack off and watch them all again…

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In Finland They Hit the Pipe: Skaters on Nordic Hydro

Sorry, if you are looking for weed, you are not going to find it. On the other hand, if you wanted some high-speed, full-pipe skate action, we have you covered. Evidently there is a hardcore underground and urban skateboard scene in Finland that defies gravity.

Masa Fullpipe Ollie


Masa’s fs ollie is one sick move. [source]

Jyrki Fullpipe


Jyrki gets tubed. Fullpipe carve in Finland [source]

Imppi Bs Carve


Imppi Kokkonen making the squeeze over the pole of death first try. [source]

Wu Fakie Flip Fullpipe


Tuomas “Wu-Tom” Uusipulkamo pops a fakie flip high up. [source]

We recently ran across an amazing photographer, Olli Oilinki, and look forward to showing you more of his view of skaters around the globe.

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How to Shred an iPad With a Halfpipe: Photographic Breakdown

Chad Knight and Built To Shred host Jeff King rig up a brand-new 64GB Apple iPad to see if it can replace your standard skateboard. Will it shred, or will it be dead, that was the question? A very entertaining show and we just had to breakdown to all the juicy bits in pics.

So how did they build the iPad Skateboard, lets look closer…


WARNING for APPLE lovers, all following images may hurt a bit…


… and once you build it, you must skate it!


Ok so the standard issue didn’t hold up, they made it 2.0


Now the we have shredded, rebuilt and destroyed… Let’s look back 1 more time…


What a way to spend a day and a few hundred bucks.

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Plan B Skateboard Decks Kenji Skate Team Designs

Plan B Skate Team Kenji Skateboard Deck Designs:

Danny Way Plan B deck Ryan Sheckler Plan B deck Colin McKay Plan B deck Brian Wenning PlanB deck

Sheckler Tattoo Plan B deck Prod Plan B deck Dark Logo Plan B deck Demonic Plan B deck

PJ Ladd Plan B deck Jereme Rogers Plan B deck Pat Duffy Plan B deck Ryan Gallant Plan B deck

source:joshua m. smith

These may not be standard issue Plan B decks but I still want one. Danny Way needs to get a hold of Mr. Smith and take this skateboard deck team line mainstream. Let us all get down with the Plan B team skate ninja bushido style!

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Skateboard Everything: Polaroid Snapshot Motion Video

skateboardpolaroid University class assignment;

Skateboard Everything:

“Keep on the move. Perform cool tricks. Wear it out”


Sounds like a great way to live if you ask me.

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