Actions Speak Louder Than Words; A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words; You Still Can’t See What I Am Saying

If actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand… does it help anyone see what you’re saying when you communicate without them?

Sometimes, no matter how loud you shout, you won’t be heard. Actions can be misinterpreted, and pictures don’t always tell the true story. Only you can tell the truth of the tale, and at times pain of truth hurts, deeper than you think you can bear. Face it and start a fresh chapter.

For far too many, the end looks brighter than the darkness in their means to get there; Life is not easy, happy can be very hard to find; Loneliness happens in a crowd of family or friends, as easily as it would on a deserted island.


When you end your own story, it does not end; Others will finish writing it for you and not in the way you felt it. No matter how far you fall or how high you fly, you can’t hide from yourself. Only you can can write the next chapter in your story; the way YOU WOULD WANT IT READ!

Everyone knows someone who suffers from unspoken pains. Addictions come in as many flavors as ice cream; mental health issues number higher than TIME and LIFE magazine combined. If you can’t make them hear you, show them what you mean it in any way they will listen. Only when the absolute truth can be seen can the healing begin; excuses can start from real reasons and reasons become an excuse. When you love someone enough to risk anything to help them, do not let them suffer in silence; when you see them scream, see what they are saying. When the truth hurts so bad you cannot face it, do not turn away, accept it and help shoulder the burden, even if it makes them hate you for daring to help. When you are up on the edge for so long you can’t find the way down, or in the darkness long enough you can’t remember light; know the deepest darkness is broken by even the smallest spark and that over the edge, or on rock bottom, it’s not too late to plant your feet and follow a new path.



A moment can be fleeting, a movement can last forever. Write an adventure you want to remember.
If you are reading this, your story just began; make it an adventure you WANT TO remember.





For those who understand the reason why; I hope you can understand what I am saying, I love you


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