Hello 21st Point 16 Century World Type Peoples, I Killed My Website, and I liked It!


I killed my website and I did it on purpose. To be honest, I rather enjoyed it and will probably do it again, again. Bring on the erasers, it’s do over time!

Design Eraser

Why? Well, I get bored and it’s my site so I’ll try what I want to, You would try too if this happened to you… and now that the silly songs and singing is out of my head, I’ll make it make some sense.

Technology changes, the internet evolves. IMHO if you do not, you die. Just as a flowing stream keeps life going and a still pond rots away… content online, does the same. So, once again the whiteboard is blank, my website design is plain. We will see where the creative adventure takes us and hopefully admire what’s here if anything remains.

HTML5 here we come, CSS3 lets go play, mobile first, device friendly, editors loaded up up and away!