Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Please World Don’t Hurt Me…

As children many say a simple prayer before bedtime. When you have no bed, what can be said? Being homeless is not a crime or a disease, please don’t think it’s an excuse to abuse us either. Two-tier society – PARIS – Centre Pompidou. ©Christophe Stramba-Badiali

Going Up! Skating for the Sky

I always wanted to say this… “Reach for the Sky”


Fish-eye may be over done, but this time it fits perfect. All summer as a kid, i can remember dreaming of getting air so high I reached the clouds. Fishy or not, this shot rocks it right to that place in memory…. Going Up!!!

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Freeskiing Tricks, Who Knew, Skiers Railslide Too

I often wondered what all the freeski buzz was about, as it turns out they are pretty hardcore. At least now I understand why Nike SB is now the new extreme shoe line and ski boots are now as hot as shoes…

rider: Gus Kenworthy

Nothing like a bizarre extreme sport action HDR to kick off our peeks into the growing world of core sport.

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