In Finland They Hit the Pipe: Skaters on Nordic Hydro

Sorry, if you are looking for weed, you are not going to find it. On the other hand, if you wanted some high-speed, full-pipe skate action, we have you covered. Evidently there is a hardcore underground and urban skateboard scene in Finland that defies gravity.

Masa Fullpipe Ollie


Masa’s fs ollie is one sick move. [source]

Jyrki Fullpipe


Jyrki gets tubed. Fullpipe carve in Finland [source]

Imppi Bs Carve


Imppi Kokkonen making the squeeze over the pole of death first try. [source]

Wu Fakie Flip Fullpipe


Tuomas “Wu-Tom” Uusipulkamo pops a fakie flip high up. [source]

We recently ran across an amazing photographer, Olli Oilinki, and look forward to showing you more of his view of skaters around the globe.

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