Four Bunnies of the Apocalypse

Proof that bunnies are EVIL!



Skateboard Designs by Sean Kelly, No Comply – 2006. 100% Canadian Maple, Scratch Resistant Sublimation Print, Pressed in Melbourne, Australia.

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Crochet Skate Decks: Skateboard Designs a Mother Could Love

With the economy in such a slump no market can be under served. To help prop up one such group of skaters, Seniors and Knitters can now join the fray, thanks to Deza Skateboards. Crochet skate decks may not make you Mr. Popular at the park but they sure look comfy and your mother will surely approve…

<img style="display: inline" title="dezacrochetdecks" alt="dezacrochetdecks" src="https://i1.wp viagra au maroc″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Boards designs for Deza Skateboards by: FPAz


Remember these next time you mom gets on your back, buy her a crochet skatedeck pattern and your good to go. It will take her weeks to finish it and the whole time skateboarding will for once be a good hobby.

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Extreme Skate Deck Mods: Your Stuffz Haz Been Assimilated

We have all modded our skate deck somehow, stickers paint etching you name it most of us tried it. Wood and Waves held a skatedeck modding contest called “Blank N’ Roll”. The winner made the sickest techno puked borg-ishly assimilated freak of skate nature we have ever seen. Just check this sick stick out…

Waves and Wood Blank N’ Roll Deck


Yes that’s a Freaking CAT on the Skate Deck!


Behold the Skatedeck Sickness Hung in it’s Glory


Proof! Bunnies are Dark and Evil… and Skaters Do Know WTF Twitter Is


One More Modded Deck Close up Glory Shot


Yes Yes Y’all


Modded Skate Deck FTW


source: aka.mediaone

If you have seen a wilder ride let us know below.

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