When Nature Ads Go Wrong

Go Green! At least that’s what they think, you think, they’re making you think, they think…

Confused yet? Corporate greed has always been the bane of the environment. Now greed has gone ‘green’ again, this time it’s a pretty paint job, for the same green they have always chased, money.

How to Sell a Lock… Choke a Tree and Kill Some Hippies!

Green Hippy Happy Greed

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I think the point was supposed to be ‘our locks are tuff’ but all I can see is a bunch of dead hippies. They want you to think it’s a great product and you can tell. You can tell because they are willing to kill environmentally conscious humans and choke a tree to death. See how much they care about green?

How to Sell a Battery… Poison the Environment of Course!

After Falling into River

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After Being Abandoned

Photo: koba

After Being Discarded

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Nothing says ‘our product’s good’ like showing how hard it is for nature to reclaim.

On the other hand, this just reminds me of all the toxic pollution we gladly buy, then toss back at Mother Nature to handle. None of their advertising agents must have moved out of their mom’s house yet, because nobody else’s mom still cleans up their mess once they’re on their own.

How to Sell Auto Recycling… Make us Feel Guilty About it!

Badger Badger Bagder Badger

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The Bat Cave

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Who Gives a Hoot?

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Ok, even I admit this company may be greedy, but at least serves a real green need. They are also the only one to make an honest and useful point…

“Mother Nature should not have to adapt to our trash”

For business greed is considered good, at least within its own walls. Most companies will never admit the perversity of their ad campaigns, at least when consumers don’t complain, or the real reasons behind them. The world is at war with our habits and she needs our help. Can you make a difference, or will you just keep consuming?

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5 Bad Ads With Rich Ideas and Poor Taste

Five Bad Ads With Rich Ideas and Poor Taste

Modern advertising is bold and brilliant… sometimes. Others it’s just plain dumb.

Always + Coca-Cola


Bread + Life?


Gas + Ass Bubbles


Tampax + Sharks


Wedding Ring + WTF?

image Advertising is a vicious business, but honestly… WTF were they thinking?

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