Just When You Gave Up on REDDIT … This Happens

So I was joking around with Alexis from reddit the other day and…

Ok so, if you know me, #IRL not just online, know I have lots of these tales…

That one time online, not at band camp…

I was being a wiseguy poking at an entrepreneurial startup technoratzi bear.

My faith was restored refreshed yet anew.

The founder of reddit poked back, like a real boy, no string on he!

Just when I forgot even the icons are geeks like us…

I get another #CoolStoryBro to add with #IRLOT collection.

So now as a professional #SMDB I could claim…

“Yeah, I talk with Alexis Ohanian and we bs on Facebook n stuff, no biggie”

or like the wandering new media minstrel that I am…

“Anyone can be real and remain involved online, just look at Alexis Ohanian

… and yes, I realize, especially to those who have been tortured by my unraveling rambles. They may sound like tall tales. Perhaps, that is why I have had the pleasure, of innumerable interactions with those most would never believe. I know we are just people and stay human, not overreact. You see, this isn’t a guru pointing me out or anointing me with blessed social magic dust, it was a friendly face in the crowd who chuckled. The point being, online not everything is a big deal, but what otherwise couldn’t be, can be. In human speak, what I mean is, you can be just you freely.

Online this applies to any and everyone who isn’t anti-social or an outright #TROLL. From the top politicians to the new hire in the mail room, the ultra-famous to the recently plugged in, some other impressive stereotype to some other weak belittlement of a job title, we can all have a casual conversation. The only catch really isn’t, even though for most it is. You have to relax, just be yourself and keep it casual because it’s no big deal. That is after all the beauty in social media today for the mass adoption wave this century. Not only can you see what you’re interested in but, you can interact directly with the source. If you keep calm and carry on, you never know who may say something out of the blue. Yet if you #fanboy out and socialize with stress… you may as well go watch YouTube, because it just and cool dude.

Now, to put this in clear, honest perspective. INSTAGRAM LINK


View from my desk. PS thanks for the headphones @thenightlyshow

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reddit’s secrets revealed … Alexis Ohanian’s #sourcecode and #secretpower … #welchs #strawberryjam packets

Posted by Mich De L’Orme on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hello 21st Point 16 Century World Type Peoples, I Killed My Website, and I liked It!


I killed my website and I did it on purpose. To be honest, I rather enjoyed it and will probably do it again, again. Bring on the erasers, it’s do over time!

Design Eraser

Why? Well, I get bored and it’s my site so I’ll try what I want to, You would try too if this happened to you… and now that the silly songs and singing is out of my head, I’ll make it make some sense.

Technology changes, the internet evolves. IMHO if you do not, you die. Just as a flowing stream keeps life going and a still pond rots away… content online, does the same. So, once again the whiteboard is blank, my website design is plain. We will see where the creative adventure takes us and hopefully admire what’s here if anything remains.

HTML5 here we come, CSS3 lets go play, mobile first, device friendly, editors loaded up up and away!

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Please World Don’t Hurt Me…

As children many say a simple prayer before bedtime. When you have no bed, what can be said? Being homeless is not a crime or a disease, please don’t think it’s an excuse to abuse us either. Two-tier society – PARIS – Centre Pompidou. ©Christophe Stramba-Badiali

Remembering Nanook of the North [Full Version]

Nanook of the North (also known as Nanook of the North: A Story Of Life and Love In the Actual Arctic) is a 1922 silent documentary film by Robert J. Flaherty. In the tradition of what would later be called salvage ethnography, Flaherty captured the struggles of the Inuk Nanook and his family in the Canadian arctic. The film is considered the first feature-length documentary, though Flaherty has been criticized for staging several sequences and thereby distorting the reality of his subjects’ lives. In 1989, this film was one of the first 25 films to be selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". File:Nanook of the north.jpgThe film was shot near Inukjuak, on Hudson Bay in Arctic Quebec, Canada. Having worked as a prospector and explorer in Arctic Canada among the Inuit, Flaherty was familiar with his subjects and set out to document their lifestyle. Flaherty had shot film in the region prior to this period, but that footage was destroyed in a fire started when Flaherty dropped a cigarette onto the original camera negative (which was highly flammable nitrate stock). Flaherty therefore made Nanook of the North in its place. Funded by French fur company Revillon Frères, the film was shot from August 1920 to August 1921. As the first nonfiction work of its scale, Nanook of the North was ground-breaking cinema. It captured an exotic culture (that is, Indigenous and considered exotic to European colonizers) in a remote location, rather than a facsimile of reality using actors and props on a studio set. Traditional Inuit methods of hunting, fishing, igloo-building, and other customs were shown with accuracy, and the compelling story of a man and his family struggling against nature met with great success in North America and abroad. Flaherty has been criticized for deceptively portraying staged events as reality, although staging events for the camera was the norm of documentary filmmakers of the time. "Nanook" was in fact named Allakariallak, while the "wife" shown in the film was not really his wife. According to Charles Nayoumealuk, who was interviewed in Nanook Revisited (1988), "the two women in Nanook – Nyla (Alice [?] Nuvalinga) and Cunayoo (whose real name we do not know) were not Allakariallak’s wives, but were in fact common-law wives of Flaherty.” And although Allakariallak normally used a gun when hunting, Flaherty encouraged him to hunt after the fashion of his recent ancestors in order to capture the way the Inuit lived before European influence. On the other hand, while Flaherty made his Inuit actors use spears instead of guns during the walrus and seal hunts, the hunting actually involved wild animals. Flaherty also exaggerated the peril to Inuit hunters with his claim, often repeated, that Allakariallak had died of starvation two years after the film was completed, whereas in fact he died at home, likely of tuberculosis. Flaherty defended his work by stating that a filmmaker must often distort a thing to catch its true spirit. Later filmmakers have pointed out that the only cameras available to Flaherty at the time were both large and immobile, making it impossible to effectively capture most interior shots or unstructured exterior scenes without significantly modifying the environment and subject action. For example, the Inuit crew had to build a special three-walled igloo for Flaherty’s bulky camera so that there would be enough light for it to capture interior shots. File:Robert Flaherty Nyla 1920.jpg At the time, few documentaries had been filmed and there was little precedent to guide Flaherty’s work. Since Flaherty’s time both staging action and attempting to steer documentary action have come to be considered unethical amongst cinéma vérité purists, because they believe such reenactments deceive the audience.

Family Trees Tribal Totems and Tattoo Designs

Seeking deeper meaning in a tattoo is a hard task, to find a life altering image empowering enough to emblazon your breast likened as Superman’s famous S… let alone creating an original idea as a coverup, for old not so good tattoos, without being a clone to copycat art and flash. When ink is in your blood though, you can see many things from a more combined and creative light. 372995-28430-23 tree normal_tree Tree Tattootumblr_lad9h4NSI51qzmjp9o1_400 Tribal-Tree2 As I walked the forest of life blinded by the trees, now I see the forest and know my roots. These each in their own way helped me find a new way to grow my tree of life and be awakened every time I see it. That my friends, random readers and those who really know, is a glisten of soul brighter than gold.

Three Little Birds Meaning Media and Music

Many a reggae lover knows ‘Three Little Birds’ many a Dj has loved it. To the calming happy memory of man kind, this simple track has a odd way of lightening up a day.  From the original Bob Marley roots to the high tech club mixes, this one is always a nice song to hear and the pic was just to cool not to share. Enjoy the mood and the tunes… three little birds By: Douglas Ferreira

Bob Marley Three Little Birds Original Video in HD

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds Lyrics

Don’t worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin: don’t worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right!
Rise up this mornin,
Smiled with the risin sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin, (this is my message to you-ou-ou:)
Singin: don’t worry bout a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin: don’t worry (don’t worry) bout a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right!
Rise up this mornin,
Smiled with the risin sun,
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin, this is my message to you-ou-ou:
Singin: don’t worry about a thing, worry about a thing, oh!
Every little thing gonna be all right. don’t worry!
Singin: don’t worry about a thing – I wont worry!
cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin: don’t worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right – I wont worry!
Singin: don’t worry about a thing,
cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Singin: don’t worry about a thing, oh no!
cause every little thing gonna be all right!


nComment Comics History of War: Digg vs Reddit War Flashback

nComment Comics History of War: Digg vs Reddit War Flashback Sci-Fi Fantasy Anime Blog: “Comment has been producing some of the most interesting and amazing webcomics related to social media for years. The now infamous ‘Digg vs Reddit’ war series has become a modern epic tale. With the rumor of part 3 soon to come and the turmoil in the web-o-sphere, we could not think of a better time to have a flashback of their wonderful works…”
ncommentnewdigg thumb1 nComment Comics History of War: Digg vs Reddit War Flashback

Topolino Contro i Vermi: Mickey Mouse vs the Worms

@FuriousFanboys.com: “Mickey Mouse vs the Space Worms a Spanish Sci-Fi Comic…

Mickey Mouse vs the Space Worms a Spanish Sci-Fi Comic…

Mickey Mouse against the Worms Topolino Sci-Fi Comicstrip
“Mickey Mouse against the Worms” is an unusual comic strip set on an alternative world where slimy creatures (“eidozoons”) struggle to cohabit with native mice, undergoing racial tensions. Originally written in Spanish, translated to English [captioned below each comic book page and in the mouseover text] for your international taste of Spanish flavored Sci-Fi Mickey Mouse and deviant Disney alien amusement..