2 Longboards 2 Shortboards 3 Skaters 1 Surfer & A Hurricane

Two Long boards, Two Short boards, Three Skaters, One Surfer and Hurricane Bill…



What an interesting way to ride out the storm.

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Railslide: Your Doing it Wrong [GIF]

Rail Slide Fail, Big Splash Skateboarder Bail


Sometimes you can hide a a bad bust as a busted move. Other times… well, your just doing it wrong.

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In Finland They Hit the Pipe: Skaters on Nordic Hydro

Sorry, if you are looking for weed, you are not going to find it. On the other hand, if you wanted some high-speed, full-pipe skate action, we have you covered. Evidently there is a hardcore underground and urban skateboard scene in Finland that defies gravity.

Masa Fullpipe Ollie


Masa’s fs ollie is one sick move. [source]

Jyrki Fullpipe


Jyrki gets tubed. Fullpipe carve in Finland [source]

Imppi Bs Carve


Imppi Kokkonen making the squeeze over the pole of death first try. [source]

Wu Fakie Flip Fullpipe


Tuomas “Wu-Tom” Uusipulkamo pops a fakie flip high up. [source]

We recently ran across an amazing photographer, Olli Oilinki, and look forward to showing you more of his view of skaters around the globe.

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How to Shred an iPad With a Halfpipe: Photographic Breakdown

Chad Knight and Built To Shred host Jeff King rig up a brand-new 64GB Apple iPad to see if it can replace your standard skateboard. Will it shred, or will it be dead, that was the question? A very entertaining show and we just had to breakdown to all the juicy bits in pics.

So how did they build the iPad Skateboard, lets look closer…


WARNING for APPLE lovers, all following images may hurt a bit…


… and once you build it, you must skate it!


Ok so the standard issue didn’t hold up, they made it 2.0


Now the we have shredded, rebuilt and destroyed… Let’s look back 1 more time…


What a way to spend a day and a few hundred bucks.

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Infographic Injuries of Skateboarding Legend Danny Way

Danny Way: the Injuries of a Skateboarding Legend

Breaking ankles backs knees necks and shoulders for our pleasure for over 15 hardcore years of extreme sport.

<img src="https://i2.wp.com/farm3.static.flickr viagra pour homme prix.com/2473/3820504296_4d4f9ba830_o.jpg?resize=590%2C1315″ alt=”Danny Way” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

Nothing seems to stop this dude. Breaks, dislocations, fractures, sprains or surgery, Danny way just keeps coming.

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Extreme Skate Deck Mods: Your Stuffz Haz Been Assimilated

We have all modded our skate deck somehow, stickers paint etching you name it most of us tried it. Wood and Waves held a skatedeck modding contest called “Blank N’ Roll”. The winner made the sickest techno puked borg-ishly assimilated freak of skate nature we have ever seen. Just check this sick stick out…

Waves and Wood Blank N’ Roll Deck


Yes that’s a Freaking CAT on the Skate Deck!


Behold the Skatedeck Sickness Hung in it’s Glory


Proof! Bunnies are Dark and Evil… and Skaters Do Know WTF Twitter Is


One More Modded Deck Close up Glory Shot


Yes Yes Y’all


Modded Skate Deck FTW


source: aka.mediaone

If you have seen a wilder ride let us know below.

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