Broadway Bomb Busted! NYC Judge Kills the Infamous Downhill Skateboard Race

The ‘Broadway Bomb Run’ is an infamous and illegal skateboard push race through the streets of New York City

broadway-bombThe Broadway Bomb started in 2000 as a branch off from the Central Park Race. While the Central Park Race was satisfying, many yearned for something more. Ian Nichols and Fred Mahe came up with the idea of a race to skate in traffic and called it the Broadway Bomb. The 1rst race was small, only 14 skaters. This year on the tenth anniversary we expect to have over 1000 skaters. This race is the highlight of skater!s whole lives. They train all year for 30 minutes of glory!

Here is a sum up of the bad big brother news…

From Reuters Newswire

A New York judge has banned up to 2,000 skateboarders from racing down a bustling stretch of Broadway after city officials said the unauthorized event known as “The Broadway Bomb” was a danger to pedestrians and motorists.

For a decade, skateboarders from around the world have barreled down an eight-mile section of the landmark Manhattan street, dodging traffic and people, as part of the annual daredevil race.

This year, they will have to defy a court order, and risk arrest to participate.

From the New York Times

The plan was for racers to converge at 116th Street and Riverside Drive on Saturday at noon and then race on skateboards — mainly longboards — down Broadway to the statue of a charging bull near Wall Street.

The city contended that racers have “engaged in reckless and dangerous behavior such as failing to stop for red lights, cutting off and weaving through moving vehicles,” the city’s Law Department said in a statement.

The judge ruled that the organizers were violating city regulations because they did not have a parade permit. Mr. Nichols said he would obey the ruling and take part in other races.

From the Village Voice

New York State Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright ruled in favor of a city-backed injunction to halt this year’s race. And there’s a reason: as organizers of the race note in their slogan, “you could die.”

In addition to halting the race, Wright banned “any similar race.” In other words, organizers can’t just call the race something else and then go bombing down Broadway.

The judge also is requiring organizers to contact each of the 1,800 people expected to participate and tell them the race is cancelled. He also doesn’t want any “flash mobs” gathering as a result of the race.

From Ian Nichols via the Village Voice

“I don’t like jail,” Broadway Bomb organizer Ian Nichols tells the Voice. “They served me with legal papers — I have to distance myself from the race.”

But — as Nichols explains — that doesn’t necessarily mean people won’t be bombing down Broadway on long boards tomorrow afternoon.

There you have it, Bombers — you can still bomb tomorrow, but you will be bombing at your own risk.

This is the unofficial history of the biggest outlaw longboard race in the world; The Broadway Bomb.

Taking place on the world’s most famous boulevard and told by the champions and the organizers who make it happen every year; “Push Culture – The Broadway Bomb” is the story of a small group of 15 outlaw longboard skaters who weren’t satisfied racing in the passive environment of the parks of New York City so they took it to the streets.

Once a year in the fall the craziest longboard skaters in the city would brave the traffic of a busy Manhattan Saturday to see who could get from the Upper West Side at 116th st to the bull statue in the Financial District.

10 years later over 500 outlaw riders show up to ride the concrete wave of Broadway for the ultimate prize: City wide bragging rights as the fastest skater in all of NYC.

Take a look inside the mind of New Yorkers on the edge and the culture of push.

You can find out more from

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Harley Davidson Nichts für brave Bürger

Harley Davidson Not for the Good Citizens

Harley Davidson Skateboard

Not many things are as badass as Harley Davidsons and now… We can grab some badass Harley Davidson Skateboards!


Found on the Harley Davidson Forums and made by Christoph Gey

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Street Art Typography: S is for Skateboarding

Typo-Art S composed of urban elements to represent Street Skating.

S is for Skateboarding

source: visualize

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Going Up! Skating for the Sky

I always wanted to say this… “Reach for the Sky”


Fish-eye may be over done, but this time it fits perfect. All summer as a kid, i can remember dreaming of getting air so high I reached the clouds. Fishy or not, this shot rocks it right to that place in memory…. Going Up!!!

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Skateistan in Pictures: Skateboarding in Afghanistan

Of all the places in the world you would never think had a skate scene… Afghanistan has to be on top of the list. No one is 100% sure how it happened, maybe skating Santa made it through the blockade, perhaps Animal Chin made a sneak training session. We may never know how it started, but we can show you where it’s at and going.








Skateboarding in Afghanistan – photographs by Noah Abrams

In the summer of 2009, upon hearing of the country’s emerging skate scene, Abrams hopped on a plane (I’m sure it wasn’t quite that simple) to go and document the Afghan locals and their wooden toys. It’s actually amazing that despite being exposed to the harshest of harshness in life that a skateboarding scene has been given the breath of life. Rolling knows no boundaries. Rad!

Pictured in the images above are some samples from the series Abrams entitled Skateistan.

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