Harley Davidson Nichts für brave Bürger

Harley Davidson Not for the Good Citizens

Harley Davidson Skateboard

Not many things are as badass as Harley Davidsons and now… We can grab some badass Harley Davidson Skateboards!


Found on the Harley Davidson Forums and made by Christoph Gey

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Four Bunnies of the Apocalypse

Proof that bunnies are EVIL!



Skateboard Designs by Sean Kelly, No Comply – 2006. 100% Canadian Maple, Scratch Resistant Sublimation Print, Pressed in Melbourne, Australia.

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Street Art Typography: S is for Skateboarding

Typo-Art S composed of urban elements to represent Street Skating.

S is for Skateboarding

source: visualize

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Nike Sportswear Mexico: No Pants Stink Finger of Death

Calavera, Lucha Libre & Half Naked Aztec Skaters…

WTF is Nike doing down there? Seems to me that Nike Mexico sure knows how to party. That or their some seriously twisted deprived and perverted folks. Either way, this is one freaky cool poster…

Nike Sportswear Mexico

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Freeskiing Tricks, Who Knew, Skiers Railslide Too

I often wondered what all the freeski buzz was about, as it turns out they are pretty hardcore. At least now I understand why Nike SB is now the new extreme shoe line and ski boots are now as hot as shoes…

rider: Gus Kenworthy

Nothing like a bizarre extreme sport action HDR to kick off our peeks into the growing world of core sport.

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