Hi, this is my new homepage.

It used to be different but I was tired of it.

Now I am experimenting in code while creating a new design.

More oft than not, this works out just great, with little to no mistakes.
In the end my friends I cannot tell a lie… Sometimes I decide to change it up and just DO IT LIVE!

I won’t predict what’s about to happen. I’ve no clue what will be seen. I think that’s why I did it. For some reason this amuses me…


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Actions Speak Louder Than Words; A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words; You Still Can’t See What I Am Saying

If actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand… does it help anyone see what you’re saying when you communicate without them? Sometimes, no matter how loud you shout, you won’t be heard. Actions can be misinterpreted, and pictures don’t always tell the true story. Only you can tell the truth …